Cemetery dog fines welcomed

sp88995  Geoff & Anne dog walking
sp88995 Geoff & Anne dog walking

DOG owners have welcomed plans to issue £50 fines to those who let their animals loose in local cemeteries.

As reported by the Derbyshire Times last week, owners who fail to keep animals on leads or clean up fouling at the sites will receive fixed penalty notices under the Chesterfield Borough Council proposals.

“I think that’s acceptable, it’s totally reasonable”, said Brimington resident Anne Holmes who walks Alsatian Ace with husband Geoff.

“To be honest a dog should always be under your control – it must be awful to be at a graveside and have a dog jump on you.”

Consultations are now taking place on the fines move, to also apply in closed churchyards and Chesterfield Crematorium, after concerns about faeces on areas including graves and out-of-control dogs were highlighted.

Carole Hunt of Tapton owns dachshunds Tallulah and Harry.

“I think it it’ll be enforced”, she said.

“A lot of people with big dogs let them off the lead to roam around but when you’ve got too small ones you can’t.”

Derbyshire Times’ Facebook fans have also reacted to the news.

Christopher Spencer said: “Good. More dog owners should accept that even they are responsible for their own animals and the behaviour and conduct of them.”

But Maris Harris said: “Dog owners can be fined for allowing their dogs to foul pavements and parks but they seldom are, as we can see whenever we walk out of our front doors.

“Can’t see that imposing fines in cemeteries will make the blindest bit of difference to be honest.”

Comments on the proposed order must be sent to John Rotherham, bereavement services manager, Chesterfield and District Crematorium, Chesterfield Road, Brimington, S43 1AU in the next few weeks.

A final decision is subject to the council’s call in scrutiny procedure.

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