Can you offer Candy a home?

Candy is looking for a new home
Candy is looking for a new home

Dog lovers are being called on to offer a home to Candy - and her expectant puppies.

When Candy arrived at Broomhill Farm Animal Sanctuary, in Old Whittington as a stray, staff never imagined that she would not be claimed by her owners.

But two weeks later the loving and sweet natured Lakeland Terrier is still at the sanctuary.

The day Candy arrived she had terrible sore eyes so was checked out by the vet who discovered she was expecting puppies.

Jenny Mark. of Broomhill Farm, said: “Candy isn’t due just yet so we have a few more weeks to get organised but rearing puppies can be stressful for a dog. We feel that she would benefit from being settled in a more homely environment during her life changing experience. Candy will also now need a super nutritious diet to ensure that she can provide for her puppies. Donations of food for her, especially things like sardines or puppy food would be greatly appreciated.”

If anyone is able to offer Candy a home or long term foster care until the puppies are old enough contact Jenny on 01246 456781.

Jenny added: “She is very sociable and friendly with animals and people and will become best friends with anyone – especially if you have a biscuit in your pocket.”