Campaigners fear trouble’s in store

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PROTESTORS concerned about the loss of green land and the impact on businesses from a proposed new supermarket in Bolsover were disappointed after planning committee members declined to hear questions during a council meeting.

The Save Sherwood Green campaigners, residents and traders attended a Bolsover District Council meeting to submit questions over Morrisons’ planning application to build a store on the council’s Sherwood Lodge office area as the council prepares to sell the site and move to Clowne college campus.

NDET 25-7-12 BWJ 1 Bolsover Sherwood Lodge Protest.

NDET 25-7-12 BWJ 1 Bolsover Sherwood Lodge Protest.

But about 18 councillors on the planning committee stressed they were only able to consider questions if the application has been fully considered and questions were addressed before a planning committee hearing and they were therefore forced to declare an interest and walked out of the council chambers.

Bolsover grocer and newsagent Chris Christopher said: “We feel the council tried to deflect our questions and it was disappointing we didn’t get any direct answers but it was stil a good showing to make the council aware of public opinion.”

Mr Christopher asked remaining councillors if Bolsover’s existing supermarket could be sustained alongside a Morrisons and Cllr Karl Reid argued Clowne has a number of co-existing businesses including Tesco, Aldi and Spar.

Resident Emma Christopher claimed a large Morrisons will drain trade from elsewhere but Cllr Alan Tomlinson believes the size will not affect the town badly and the scale of the development will be decided upon by the applicant.

Campaigner Geoff Henry is concerned about the loss of trees and Julie Gillies is worried about losing green land around the original Sherwood Lodge building but the council stated these would be matters for a planning committee hearing. Campaigners intend to address a planning committee hearing at a later stage.