A computer recycling programme is heading to Chesterfield

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A charity which updates old laptops so they can be sent to Africa to help children escape from poverty is coming to Chesterfield.

Computers 4 Africa opens the door to IT education for millions of children. IT has revolutionised schools globally with unequalled access to information, interactive teaching and key work skills.

Sharon Roberts, business development manager, said: “Education is the future to changing people’s lives and having IT skills levels the playing field and we want to help as many people reach their potential.”

The charity, which has visited the town before, is looking for old laptops and computers which will professionally wipe all the data before installing Windows 7 and other educational programmes and then sending them on to schools where they will have

Sharon said: “We are looking for people who are throwing away their equipment to give it to us, this could be schools, businesses, or private equipment.

“There is a culture of reusing and recycling which is great but this will give the computers a new lease of life so it doesn’t have to be thrown away and doesn’t cost people anything.”

Since the charity started 11 years ago 1.5 million people have used a computer and every month 350,000 students regularly have access to a computer.

Sharon said: “We have helped a student who was working on a flower farm but wanted to be a nurse. We gave her a computer and she completed her training and achieved her dream and as there was more money coming in her sister has been able to spend some time using the computer to improve her life as well.

“One computer can have the ripple affect across a whole community.”

Computer 4 Africa will be collecting on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 27 and 18 between 9am and 4pm at Unit 3 Spire Walk Business Park.