A brief history of Buxton water

Buxton water has long been known for its purity due to being filtered through limestone.

AD 70 – Romans discover a warm spring and build a fort and the settlement, naming it ‘Aquae Arnametiae’, which means ‘The Waters of The Goddess of The Grove’.

Medieval times – Pilgrims started to come to Buxton to ‘take the waters’ for their healing powers.

Late 18th Century – the 5th Duke of Devonshire built the Crescent and the Assembly Rooms.

1912 – Natural mineral water available in bottles from St Anne’s Well

The company selling the water changed hands several times

1987 – Taken over by Perrier UK – sells 600,000 bottles a year

1988 – Then owners Perrier UK moved to the factory in Station Road

1992 – Perrier bought by Nestlé. The company later becomes Nestlé Waters

2012 – New factory built in Waterswallows Lane starts to operate in April. Station Road site closes in November