13 bends or not 13 bends, that is the question

The 13 bends between Bakewell and Baslow.
The 13 bends between Bakewell and Baslow.
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The 13 bends road between Bakewell and Baslow has come under question – over its name.

Readers have contacted the Derbyshire Times to query whether the route does actually feature 13 bends.

On our Facebook page, Dave Wheeton said: “There are nine from the first 13 bends sign to the second 13 bends sign.

“I’m a driving instructor and make a point of counting them with my pupils on the way to Buxton.

“It helps with observations and it eases boredom.”

Samantha Harrison said: “There are less than 13.”

David Norman said: “There’s 11.”

Amy Hodgkiss said: “There’s never 13 – it’s more or less.”

A spokesman for Derbyshire County Council was unable to confirm how many bends there are on the road.

The spokesman added: “13 bends is its historical name.

“We have no plans to count the bends.”