Smiles over cross border Dada bar

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A BAKEWELL brewery has raised a few smiles with its new bar’s name across the border.

Thornbridge’s Sheffield spot Dada is reminiscent of Derbyshire banter nickname for residents of the steel city - Dee Dars.

Operations director Simon Webster said: “The name has raised a few smiles already as Sheffielders’ are often called Dee Dars because of their accents and I think some saw this as a play on that but it was just us having some fun and I hope typical of the path ahead.”

Dada opened last month, after a refurbishment of city centre institution Trippet’s Wine Bar on Trippet Lane.

It will have a space allocated to temporary art exhibitions and work with musicians as well - including Martyn Ware of the Human League.

The aim is to ‘challenge the norm’ and focus on beer, art, music and community to make a social destination, not just a bar.

A range of beers from Thornbridge, which operates from Thornbridge Hall and a new state-of-the-art riverside site in Bakewell, plus world classic beers will be on draft at Dada.