VIDEO AND PICTURES: On this day - deep snowfall in Chesterfield 6 years ago

On this day six years ago, Chesterfield woke up to deep snowfall.

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Beauchief Abbey Farm, Sheffield

‘Meddlesome priest’ killing and its links to Sheffield

Before I start I have to confess that I’ve never been to see today’s subject before.

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A portrait taken after 1915.

Author’s pride in her DLI grandad’s war heroics

The story of an chaplain who became a wartime hero has been told in a new book written by his own granddaughter.

The Beano Annual 2016

Do you remember these kids’ comics from your childhood?

Kids’ favourite The Beano is getting a revamp. The DC Thompson-published comic has had its print edition redesigned and has launched a brand-new website they’re calling the Ultimate Feed of Awesome’.


VIDEO & 360 PHOTOS: Stories Of The Somme remembers tragic Barnsley Pals

They worked together, lived together and many of the so-called Barnsley Pals died together in the trenches at the Battle of the Somme
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VIDEO & 360 PHOTOS: Barnsley Pals back from Somme in art unveiled at centenary memorial

Barnsley Pals who died in the Battle Of The Somme 100-years ago are back home and on parade - their faces engraved on panels outside the Town Hall.
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Queen Elizabeth II - visit to Derbyshire March 15th 1985
. Flag waving children cheer the Queen as she arrives at Matlock Railway Station

RETRO SPECIAL - Send us your old snaps

From school day memories and dodgy hairstyles to royal visits and former shops - everyone loves to see retro photos.


CHESTERFIELD NOSTALGIA: Take a trip down memory lane...

Take a trip down memory lane with our video slideshow of pictures of Chesterfield from days gone by...


VIDEO: Take a walk down memory lane

Take a look at these pictures from Ripley’s past.

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CHESTERFIELD THEN AND NOW: How many changes can you see in this footage from the Sixties?

CHESTERFIELD THEN AND NOW: How many changes can you see in this footage from the Sixties?

How much has Chesterfield changed in the last five decades?

The Rubik's cube was one of the top toys of the 1980s

The 10 best presents 1980s kids got for Christmas

Time-honoured tradition dictates that this Christmas morning thousands of wide eyed children will bolt out of bedrooms and shoot down the stairs to see what the ‘Big Man’ dropped off.
The Cuckoo boat is brought by tractor to its new location on the Chesterfield Canal

Noise of the Cuckoo is returning to canal

Cuckoo boats were once a unique but familiar sight along the Chesterfield Canal.

Irvine Patnick after the 1992 election success

Retro: White togas and pitched battles for right to vote

Well, it seems to have gone on for ages but the end is in sight for the General Election and soon we will all know the fate of the candidates.

Nostalgia 3
John F Kennedy leaves Edensor Church - June 1963

MEMORY LANE: JFK’s pilgrimage to see his sister’s grave in Derbyshire

At about 4.10pm on Saturday, July 29, 1963, the President of the United States, John F Kennedy, whirled into the village of Edensor in Derbyshire.


VIDEO: Ex-MP Joe Ashton’s book recalls bread and dripping generation

The Victorian days of clogs and women wrapped in shawls, trying to feed their starving kids, had gone. But in 1933, in October, it wasn’t much better for my dad and my mother, Ike and Nellie, writes former MP Joe Ashton.

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Buxton Advertiser archive, 1954, Great Hucklow hosted the world gliding championships, the Jugoslavian team

MEMORY LANE: Fly back in time to the World Gliding Championships

Flying enthusiasts from around the world descended on the Peak District in 1954 as the famous Derbyshire and Lancashire Gliding Club had the prestigious honour of hosting the World Gliding Championships.

Lyman Elroy Robbie, a farmer from Truro, Nova Scotia, volunteered on March 31, 1916, claiming to be aged 18, but seems to have been only 14 as his grave records him as being only 17 when he died in 1919.

MEMORY LANE: The mystery of the 14-year-old Canadian soldier

Not only was Lyman Elroy Robbie among the last casualties of the Great War to be buried at Buxton, he was certainly the youngest...or was he?

Book takes a Peak at Buxton’s rail heritage

Book takes a Peak at Buxton’s rail heritage

A Buxton writer’s love affair with the railways is conveyed in a fascinating new book reliving the illustrious history of a High Peak line.

Buxton Girls School 6th Form, 1979

Reunion of former Buxton Girls School pupils

Here’s a flashback to 1979 with this photo of Buxton Girls School 6th Form.

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