IN PICTURES: Toddlers test the top festive treats

What is Christmas without edible decorations, a selection box and a warm mince pie?

Nothing, that’s what!

The Derbyshire Times have scoured some of Chesterfield’s top retailers to track down a selection of edible festive staples, and taken them to be tested by those most discerning consumers...toddlers.

At Barnaby’s parent and toddler group, who meet on Thursday morning at St Barnabas Church hall, New Whittington, the pint-sized experts delved into the chocolate box, to give their verdict on the top treats.

Chocolate tree decorations

Lindtt Lindor - £3 at Tesco 5/5 WINNER

Thorntons Snowman - £2.99 at Morrisons 3/5

B&M own - 99p at B&M Bargains 3/5

Favorina - 99p at Lidl 4/5

Cadbury - £1.49 at B&M Bargains 3/5

The group chose the Lindtt Lindor christmas tree chocolates as their winning choice, describing them as “creamy and luxurious”. Despite being the priciest option, they were a winner with mums, dads and tots alike for their silky smooth centres and indulgent taste.

The Cadbury chocolate parcels were a hit with first-time chocolate eater, eight-month-old Aiden Bradley. And Jack and Jayden Mkay, 3, said they liked the hollow heart decorations made by Favorina at Lidl, “because of the shapes”.

One-year-old Laila Lawson was drawn to the colourful Thorntons decorations, with pictures from the Raymond Briggs film, The Snowman on the foil. But parents agreed that, despite being in the top price range, they weren’t as tasty as the Lindor chocolates.

Mince pies

Tesco Finest - £2.20 for 12 minis at Tesco 5/5 WINNER

Sargents - 99p for six at B&M Bargains 3/5

Morrisons bakery - £1.49 for six at Morrisons 4/5

Lidl bakery - 25p each at Lidl 2/5

It came as a surprise to many of the parents that their youngsters enjoyed the taste of the spiced mince pies, with 17-month-old Jessica Tomlinson diving straight in for a taste.

Of all on offer, the favourites were the Tesco Finest mini mince pies, which were described as “the perfect size for tiny hands”. One-year-old Brooke Saunderson happily devoured one of the mini pies, while the Morrisons bakery batch proved popular with two-year-old Massi Owen.

The bargain pies from Lidl were less popular because they lacked a sugary topping, while the Sargents pack – a bargain at 99p for six – were named best value.

Selection boxes

Chokablok - £5 at Tesco 2/5

Maltesers selection - £3 at Morrisons 3/5

Galaxy selection - £3.50 at Tesco 4/5

Cadbury large selection - £2.69 at B&M Bargains 5/5 WINNER

Always a hit with the little ones, the selection box table was the first to be raided, as a swarm of toddlers made a beeline for the chocolate buttons.

The stocking-shaped Cadbury selection box was an instant hit, and was named winner for its varied, child-friendly selection.

A favourite with the mums was the Galaxy selection box, because of the “creamy” chocolate and quality packaging.

Although the Maltesers selection was a hit, some of the parents said they wouldn’t buy it for their children because some of the treats contained whole nuts.

Bringing up the rear was the price Chokablok selection, with unusual flavours including Christmas pudding and Eton mess, that didn’t appeal to the chocolate purists.